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Computer Graphics and Applications Article

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A citation rated journal article – co-authored with Caradoc Peters, lead academic for the Archaeology BSc degree offered by University Plymouth Colleges – features in the May / June copy of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

The article examines cultural heritage applications of mid range laser scandata. Included is a history of the commercial development of the technologies used; open sourced modeling in Blender ( and long term strategies for the preservation of digital datasets. Overall I would say the article acts as an easy to follow introduction to mid range laser scanning technologies.

Wire Frame Outline of Cornish Engine House

The example used was taken from the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscapes World Heritage Site.

Solid Model Before Added Texture


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April 28, 2010 at 12:29 pm

American Surveyor – Adam Technologies Feature

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In December 2009 I arranged a webinar based around my position with Adam Technologies – a photogrammetry firm based in Western Australia. It consisted of friends and colleagues from the UK, Australia and California. The result was a feature in Geomatics World. Literally hot of the press in the feature link included to American Surveyor:

Sample from Adam Technologies Powerpoint presentation

It is moments like this and the buzz they generate that make it all worth it. Thanks to Nick and the guys at Adam Technologies:

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June 10, 2010 at 3:34 pm

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Confessions of a First Time Blogger

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So I’m sitting on a train about to lose my blogging virginity. I am sure it is not the first time it has happened… 

Every time I travel I keep coming back to the UK with mixed emotions, especially where London is concerned. Though it has never treated me badly London has never rested well with me as a place either. It lacks something other cities like San Francisco, New York and more recently Stockholm has – maybe self-assurance and honesty. It also radiates the typically British pastime of the image on the surface not being true to the actual events going on behind closed doors. It’s no wonder that George Michael’s got caught on the common.

Time spent in Sweden on Gotland and in Stockholm was great. I feel very privileged to have such good people in my life, as well as clocking up my air miles, destination counts and experiences with other cultures that increasingly broaden my own horizons. 

Gotland was tranquil and everything I expected Sweden to be. Everyone was so nice and helpful. People genuinely went out of their way to help when we (Alex and I) got stuck for equipment and were running around the island. Though I never got to wrestle a Moomin, highlights included Vesterhejde Suderbys, my first experience of a Swedish dinner party (which was nothing like a Mississippi Disco and did not involve a Cincinnati Bowtie) and the Tina Turner and Liz Taylor marathons the night before my flight to Stockholm. There were also the kittens – Ludwig and Lisa – who took a liking to my nose in the middle of the night. Apparently it tasted good.

The geology of Gotland is completely limestone based. In fact it was a coral reef at one stage and is now a rich source of fossils. The Viking stones we were investigating were fascinating also and an interesting comparison to the ones found in Cornwall. Surface erosion was terrible on some of them. The more interesting thing was the debate surrounding their intended purpose. This included the varying contexts in which they have been found. On top of all the hot archaeological action was plenty of Swedish flat bread also. Needless to say it has been added to my recipe book as a result.

By the time I got to Stockholm I was ready to stretch my legs and have a wonder around the old part of the city. The combination of higgledy piggledy streets, moomin memorabilia and an array of coffee shops, restaurants and bars, along with a plethora of monuments indicative of the cities long and varied phases of occupation, made it a fitting end to a great trip. It made me realize it was about time I started documenting my travels also. That includes being drenched by a massive bout of rain on my way to the airport.




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September 30, 2009 at 2:41 pm

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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